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If your harmonica needs service, we have a solution that's right for you.  Please choose one of the following options:



Restore your instrument to like new condition by sending it to one of our expert technicians.  Service cost is a flat rate based on the model.  All parts and service are included.

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Get the parts and tools you need to do your own harmonica repair from our Parts and Service Center.

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Our service programs include:

  • Up front pricing
  • Free return UPS and FedEx Ground shipping
  • Overnight and 2nd day shipping options
  • No waiting on estimates

" Just to let you know that I appreciate what you do.  I'm glad I can get whatever my needs are taken care of in an expeditious manner.  I'd send you guys a box of chocolates, but then chocolate and reeds aren't compatible." -- Ernie K.

"It was a pleasure finding someone who responded as quickly as you did." -- Peter S.

"It's wonderful to have a harmonica that you cannot wait to pick up!  Please accept my gratitude for the fine and prompt service." -- Thomas C.

U.S. customers only.  For service in Canada contact:

Wilson Music Services

PO Box 330

Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7

(905) 853-5082





The more you play, the more your harmonica wears out.  Like all instruments, your harmonica will need routine tuning and maintenance, such as cleaning a slide or replacing a valve.  There is no such thing as a maintenance free harmonica.

-- All harmonica reed materials on the market naturally develop signs of fatigue and eventually fracture.

-- Advanced playing techniques such as high-powered bending or tongue vibrato often increase the rate of reed fatigue.

-- Fatigued and fractured reeds are replaceable. This type of maintenance is similar to changing guitar strings. Almost anyone can learn how and it is both fun and satisfying!

C01 - Hohner Toolkits

This workshop introduce the HOHNER Service Toolkits

C01.2 - HOHNER Instant Set MZ99831

This workshop introduces the HOHNER Instant Workshop Set MZ99831

C02.1 - Assembling the slide package

This workshop introduces into the re-assembly of Chromatic Harmonicas after cleaning or Exchanging a Reedplate.

C04 – Centering

This workshop shows you how to center a reed on a harmonica.

C06 – Windsavers

This workshop shows how to glue new windsavers on a Chromatic harmonica reedplate.

C08 - Reed Replacement

This workshop introduces into the Single Reed Replacement of Harmonicas.

The following service information is designed to show you what a quantum leap you can make if you learn to maintain and repair your instrument yourself. Once you've got the hang of it, you will own instruments which are priceless, because they are set up to reflect your requirements as a player.

NOTE: In the following pages, HOHNER places information at your disposal which will enable you to perform the most important maintenance and repair operations on your harmonicas yourself. However, repairing and tuning harmonicas needs a light touch and a degree of craftsmanship, which needs to be acquired. We therefore recommend that you take your first steps in this area on an old instrument.

HOHNER accepts no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of the techniques described here.

C01.1 - HOHNER Service Set MZ 99331

This workshop introduce the HOHNER Service Set MZ 99331

C02 – Cleaning

This workshop shows how to clean a HOHNER Chromatic Harmonica.

C03 - Exchanging Reed Plates

This workshop shows you how to exchange reed plates using the example of a Hohner Chromonica 64.

C05 - Reed Offsetting

This workshop shows you what's about the reed gap of a harmonica.

C07 – Tuning

This workshop shows how to tune harmonica reeds using the HOHNER harmonica tuner.

C08.1 - Perforated Windsavers

This workshop introduces into perforating and glueing a windsafer in order to accommodate the stud head.

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