World Harmonica Festival 2013


The clock is ticking in preparation for the largest, international Harmonica Festival in the world. The "Music City" Trossingen once again serves as the stage for the World Harmonica Festival from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November 2013. Thousands of players from around the world will gather together in the "Harmonica Mecca" where over one billion harmonicas have been produced since the mid - 19th century and where until this day the world-market leader HOHNER Musical Instruments has its headquarter. 

The World Harmonica Festival has played an important cultural role in the worldwide harmonica scene in the last 24 years and brought together widely divergent musical interest groups in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect. A record number of international visitors, competitors and artist is expected this year.

The best players from every continent will put their skills to the test in the "Harmonica World Championship" in various genres and age groups. The exclusive concert program will feature a diverse and rich number of world-class players such as Rick Estrin, Keith Dunn (both USA), Yasuo Watani (Japan), Steve Baker (UK), Tollak Ollestad (Alaska) or Rachelle Plas (France).

Furthermore the World Harmonica Festival offers a plethora of workshops with top-rated instructors and "open sessions" where players can perform with professional band accompaniment. The German Harmonica Museum, which features the world's largest harmonica collection, will also be converting their newly renovated premises in the historical "Bau V" into a meeting hall with a number of attractions such as WHF - Special Exhibition, a performance from harp-customizing legend Joe Filisko, and an open - exchange market. 

The World Harmonica Festival promises to be a fantastic event that will bring together harmonica players and enthusiasts from many different countries to celebrate their instrument in an atmosphere of friendship and harmony. 

Application and further info can be found on the WHF website or on the WHF Facebook page.

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