The Howard Levy Harmonica School is online


Harmonica grandmaster and harp pioneer Howard Levy has opened his own Online School. The Howard Levy Harmonica School online presents the most comprehensive harmonica curriculum and social network available online today. Grammy Award ® winner, Howard Levy unleashes his enormous talent and expertise to teach harmonica through hundreds of video harmonica lessons that range from Beginner Harmonica to Virtuoso. Jazz harp, cross harp and an exhaustive list of tunes are taught on the harmonica video lessons. 

Using the latest Internet video exchange technology, Howard breaks the barrier to one-sided learning by personally instructing his students through video exchanges online. Both the student's video and Howard's individualized response are posted together, as a pair, on the site so the entire online community can learn. The HLHS incorporates fully featured social media, including Personal Profile Pages and Chat, that unites the global fraternity of harp players in one central place: