The 50th Anniversary SPAH convention


50th Anniversary SPAH Convention

St. Louis – The 50th Anniversary SPAH Convention took place last week in St. Louis Missouri. It was a unique celebration of the instrument we love: the tin sandwich, the blues harp, the mouth organ, the Mississippi saxophone. Whatever you call it, harmonica aficionados from all over the world came together to pay homage to this little instrument that has made such a large impact on the history of music.

This year's convention featured performances by John Sebastian, Annie Raines, Sandy Weltman, Phil Duncan, Charlie McCoy, Todd Parrott, Joe Filisko & Eric Noden, Jens Bunge, Tom Stryker, Robert Bonfiglio, Deak Harp, Steve Baker and many many more. In addition to live music, there were seminars each day that covered a variety of topics, ranging from jazz Improvisation, Playing Irish Music with James Conway, Chicago Blues Tradition with Joe Filisko, Harmonica Looping and Effects, to a seminar where the goal was to play for Stan Harper and grow wise from his gentle critiques.




Hohner Inc.'s own Free Reed Technician Adam Hamil attended the convention and kept himself busy performing harmonica service, custom setups, and assisted during Joe Filisko's Teach-in.

The SPAH Convention was yet another magical experience where around every corner could be seen and heard remarkable, almost surreal musical collaborations by a group of musical masters, all gathered together for one purpose, the preservation and advancement of the harmonica. We can't wait until next year, and we hope to see you there!

Stay tuned to the Hohner youtube channel for more SPAH videos coming soon!