Ricoloop at HMW 2014


Ricoloop from Berlin and his spectacular performances are something which have to be experienced live. Rico works with a loop station. Using his voice, a guitar, bass, harmonica or even just blowing into a glass bottle, he creates loops which he transforms into wonderfully organic soundscapes.
Overdubbing layer upon layer, he integrates spontaneous ideas into the music to inspire himself in real time. Rico creates unbelievable sound collages, looped acoustic spaces superimposed upon one another, drawn from widely divergent musical styles and coming together in the singular moment to give the impression of an entire band on stage. Ricoloop is a one man jam!
For the first time he’ll give a course at the HMW 2014:

“Masterworkshop 7
Thursday october 30th 2014
The unbelievable Potential of Looping”

“Ricoloop's special class is directed not only at harmonica players, but at anyone interested in the remarkable potential which looping has to offer. In addition to explaining how to operate a looping station, Rico will offer insights into how he creates the basic grooves over which he builds his spontaneous compositions, layers them, flys away with them and then returns safely to earth. A unique opportunity to look over the shoulder of one of the world's leading musicians in this fascinating genre.”

The Harmonica Masters Workshops are taking place in Trossingen since 2003, initiated by musical director Steve Baker and organized by the Hohner Conservatory. World-class instructors like David Barrett, Joe Filisko, Eric Noden or Riedel Diegel and a full supporting program of sessions and concerts make the HMW a leading educational event for blues harmonica in Europe.