New Videos: Young Chromatic Talents at WHF 2013


The World Harmonica Festival showed a completely new face of chromatic harmonica music. “Young chromatic talents” from Asia impressed the audience with a fresh, young approach to classical and ensemble music:

Cheuk Yin Ho from Hong Kong delivered extremely emotional interpretations of well known pieces from all over the world. The video shows an excerpt of Rhapsody in Blue. Arinori Inagawa (Japan) gave moving renditions of classical pieces. In the video he plays the Allegro of W.A. Mozart’s Oboe Quartet. In contrast, Philip Achille from Great Britain entertained the audience with his humorous announcements and masterful jazz chromatic playing, inspired by his mentor, the great Jim Hughes. The Sirius Harmonica Ensemble from Taiwan showed just how fresh and exciting contemporary harmonica bands are capable of sounding, among others with an remarkable rendition of a computer game soundtrack. The video shows a marvelous interpretation of Romanian Fantasy.

You can find more videos about the World Harmonica Festival on the HOHNER YOUTUBE CHANNEL