New Videos: WHF2013 World Harmonica Gala


The great finale of the “World Harmonica Festival” – the “World Harmonica Gala” – gave an impressive demonstration of the wide ranging spectrum of contemporary harmonica styles. Seventeen year old newcomer Konstantin Reinfeld (Germany) opened up with a breathtaking show of original compositions from his eponymous new CD. His superb playing and unforced performance made clear that he is a force to be reckoned with on the contemporary jazz scene. He was followed by chromatic harmonica master Yasuo Watani from Japan, who earned standing ovations from the delighted audience for his sensitive renditions of four classical pieces, accompanied by his wife Mariko on grand piano.

After the break, Tollak Ollestad from Alaska sang and played a selection of funky soulful pop tunes from his new CD "Press On", which like Konstantin Reinfeld's CD was released as part of the "Masters of the Harmonica" series. The evening was brought to a fitting conclusion by Marcos Coll and Los Mighty Calacas from Spain and Mexico with their irresistable mix of Latin Party Blues. The Dr. Ernst Hohner Concert Hall was at fever pitch with the audience on its feet and dancing a polonaise.

You can find more videos about the World Harmonica Festival on the HOHNER YOUTUBE CHANNEL