New videos: HOHNER at the Frankfurt Music Fair 2012


In 2012 many great artist  gave performances on the HOHNER Stage at the world's biggest music fair in Frankfurt:

Rico Loop, the legendary one man band from Berlin, performed on various HOHNER instruments simultaneously with the aid of his Loopstation, Steve Baker, the grandmaster of crossover blues, top country-folk newcomer Lisa-Marie Fischer, Royal Squeezebox, with their adaptations of well-known Queen hits for accordion, Steven de Bruyn, who takes the

harmonica into new spaces with his avant-garde funk fusion, Latin party blues on harmonica and diatonic accordion from Los Mighty Calacas with Marcos Coll and Dwayne Verheyden, the well-known acoustic blues guitarist Peter Krause and the fascinating virtuoso Tobias Volkamer, who simultaneously plays guitar and chromatic harmonica with the aid of a foot pedal.

A particular highlight was the appearance of the HOHNER works orchestra under the musical direction of Ralf Brendle, an accordion orchestra comprised entirely of HOHNER staff members.

Watch the videos of the Frankfurt Music Fair 2012 !