New Video: Manfred Leuchter - HOHNER Masters of the Accordion


Manfred Johannes Leuchter (* 15th June 1960) is a german producer, composer and a great accordion player. He mixes afro-oriental sound structures with european classic and jazz.

Since 2000 he travels with his band through India, Rumania, Marocco, Syria, Jordan, Agypt, Palestin and the Lebanon. There he works together with local musicians (e.g. "Hewar", Essam Rafea, Dima Orsho, Muslim Rahal, Jamal al Saqa, Feras Sharestan/ Syrien, Driss el Maloumi/ Marocco)

He lives and works in Aachen/ Germany as well as in Marrakesh/ Marocco.

Besides this, he is a producer of different well-known artists, like e.g. Reinhard Mey, as well as he composes music for the theater.

Learn more about Manfred Leuchter in the video portrait.