New Video: Hermine Deurloo - HOHNER Masters of the Harmonica


Hermine Deurloo is an internationally known jazz chromatic harmonica player from Amsterdam. She studied saxophone at the Amsterdam Conservatory and at the same time, she taught herself to play the harmonica. Hermine primarily plays jazz but occasionally performs with classical or pop bands.

Hermine has performed all around the world and with musicians such as Tony Scherr, Han Bennink, Willem Breuker Kollektief, The Schonberg Ensemble, Candy Dulfer, The Metropole Orchestra and Al Jarreau.

In October 2012, her latest CD, "Glass Fish" is released by Challenge Records, where Hermine is accompanied by some of the best of the Dutch jazz scene: Tony Overwater, Jesse van Ruller, and Joshua Samson.
Previous CD's released by Hermine are "Crazy Clock" (2005), recorded in New York with producer/guitarist/singer Tony Scherr, who plays with Bill Frisell and Norah Jones; "Soundbite" (2006), produced by Reinder van Zalk from Earforce; "Live in de Tor" (2007) with musicians Jan Wessels, Peter Nieuwerf and Ruud Ouwehand.

Hermine plays music in films ("Puk van de Pettenflet","Johan") and TV ("RTL4 leaders", "Talpa", "Unox jingle"). She's also been a guest solist on many CD's and played with a variety of groups, such as Bennie Sings and The Rigidly Righteous. Hermine has appeared on TV several times, in prime time programs such as "De Wereld Draait Door" and "Klokhuis". In 2011, Hermine was interviewed for the daily news item on RAI 3 in Italy.

In 2005, she performed during the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen and in 2011 she held a "Jazz Chromatic Harmonica" workshop during the Harmonica Masters Workshops.

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