New Video: Ben Heuer - HOHNER Harmonica Sessions


Ben Heuer is born on 31th of August 1991 in Hildesheim in Niedersachsen/ Germany. He lives with his family in Kaaks - a small village near Itzehoe.

Ascribed to his family he started very early with music. With 14 yeras he discovered the harmonica and was teached by his father how to play it. With a lot of enthusiasm and fun he continued playing. In addition he studied the books of Steve Baker.

Besides this he discovered how to repair this instrument andstarted to tune the innerworkings.

Ben plays exclusivly `HOHNER´- Harmonicas. During the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen in 2009 he placed 3rd in the category `Solo Diatonic Blues/Rock/Folk/Country´.

Learn more about Ben Heuer in the Video.