New product launch: Ozzy Osbourne Harmonica + Limited Hand-Signed Edition


Trossingen, DE – January 2017 – HOHNER has created the hardest rocking harmonica in the world in close cooperation with one of the greatest Metal frontmen, singers and songwriters of all time – Ozzy Osbourne.

The union between the Prince of Darkness and HOHNER harmonicas began many years ago. “It seemed like a natural progression. I have played their harmonicas for years now” stated Ozzy in a recent interview. “Black Sabbath started off as a blues band and elements of this can be found in both Black Sabbath´s and my solo music.” To celebrate Ozzy, HOHNER is releasing the Ozzy Osbourne Harmonica.

“It was fantastic to work on a harmonica with a Rock Legend. Being such a fan of the instrument, Ozzy had prophetic input and ideas on how his instrument should look and feel” commented Morgan Franke, Export Marketing Manager for Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH.

“The result truly reflects Ozzy, and is one of my personal favorites when it comes to harmonica.”

This professional grade German-made harmonica is designed for the collector and the player alike, including 30 days of free online lessons. The black cover plates and translucent black comb embody the essence that is Ozzy Osbourne and its coffin shaped tin case serves as a fitting vessel to this instrument.

From the start of this project, Ozzy wanted to give something incredibly special to his most loyal fans. In addition to this incredible offering, The Godfather of Metal has requested that HOHNER place 50 Golden Tickets randomly in his Signature Series Harmonicas.
Those lucky fans from around the world who uncover a Golden Ticket will receive an extremely Limited Edition Hand Signed Harmonica that was played by Ozzy himself.