New DVD: The History of the Harmonica - The German Harmonica & Accordion Museum


„The History of the Harmonica“ offers fascinating insights into the historical development of harmo­nicas and accordions. Using the example of Trossingen, the epicentre of the harmonica industry on the edge of Germany‘s Black Forest, the film shows the evolution of the free reed industry as well as documenting its manifold interactions with the zeitgeist and fashion trends of past decades.

The film offers numerous historical accounts drawn from the treasure trove of the German Harmo­nica and Accordion Museum, home of the world‘s largest harmonica collection and one of the most important institutions of the international harmonica scene. As a bonus, the DVD also contains rare historical film material from the heyday of the harmonica and accordion. A precious piece of music history, narrated by museum curator Martin Häffner.

1. The German Harmonica & Accordion Museum – A Guided Tour of the Exhibition
2. The History of the German Harmonica & Accordion Museum
3. On the Trail of Matthias Hohner
4. Historical Harmonica Films

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