New CD Dave Goodman and Steve Baker


Master guitarist, composer and singer Dave Goodman teams up with harmonica maestro Steve Baker to create a heady mix of country rock, acoustic funk, blues and folk which exudes a powerful identity all of its own and yet defies stylistic definition. Goodman's sophisticated and exceptionally versatile work on both acoustic and electric guitar and his inspired songwriting meet their perfect foil with Baker's tasteful, arrestingly original harmonica parts. The combination has clearly born fruit and on "The Wine Dark Sea", both artists deliver what is arguably their finest work to date.

It is rare that this level of instrumental expertise is combined with great songs, great vocals and state of the art production, but Goodman and Baker have clearly succeeded in pulling this off with a vengeance.

With "The Wine Dark Sea", Dave Goodman and Steve Baker have created a work which transcends genre while remaining inherently consistent from beginning to end. Beautiful production and great songs, masterfully orchestrated, vocally and lyrically totally convincing.