MRI Bending Study by David Barrett


MRI Bending Study by David Barrett

The world's most published author of blues harmonica education material, Grammy nominated musician David Barrett spent two years working with Peter R. Egbert M.D. at Stanford University to complete a study delving into the art of harmonica note bending. Using state of the art MRI imaging they show you exactly what is going on with the tongue and airflow inside a harmonica player's mouth.

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Make sure to read the full study paper for free from to best understand what we're talking about and watch the actual video footage from the MRI above. Thanks to Peter R. Egbert, Thomas Rossing, Andrew B. Holbrook and Lewis K. Shin for their help with this study. Thanks also to The Stanford University Richard M. Lucas Center for Imaging and Kinya Pollard (The HarpSmith) for modifying the HOHNER harmonicas used in this study. If you would like to better your bending skills on the harmonica, study with me at

–David Barrett