Marcos Coll "HarpAndSoul" site online!


Learn the Secrets of the Harmonica with Marcos Coll

Harp and soul is a series of harmonica courses, created by Marcos Coll and Ambarmedia, starting with a complete harmonica method of videos, mp3 and PDFs that suits for the complete beginners as well as more advanced players.......

•    47 Diatonic Harmonica Video Lessons
Unlimited access with no expiration date; recorded on Teaching Pills Full HD Access. With a clear, direct and simple explanation. + 9 free video lessons. 58 in total.

•    23 MP3
Downloadable files of excellent quality, which will help you continue with your learning of the harmonica anywhere. Songs and technical information that you can easily follow.

•    20 PDF
Music scores with harmonica tablatures, schematics and diagrams. Concepts of music theory and complementary information that you can download to support your knowledge.
•    Diagrams and Dynamic Scores
The method includes lively and synchronic diagrams, schematics and scores for the harmonica, in unison with what Marcos Coll is explaining and playing, so you can't get lost, and you can enhance your learning.

•    Knowledge
If you're new to the music, this course will give you the skills and techniques to learn to play the harmonica from "zero". And if you already know how to play, it will give you the abilities and skills that will improve your sound with the instrument.

•    Personal Consultation
Your questions and concerns can be directed to Marcos Coll, who will answer them and resolve issues through consultation within the course.

•    Clean and Modern Design
The harmonica online course has a very neat, clean and modern concept of graphic design with compelling visuals that emphasize and facilitate understanding.

•    Share Experiences
Through a network of discussion and the creation of a community of learners with whom you can share questions and have synergy, you can maximize your learning of the harmonica.

•    Advanced Harmonic Techniques, Tips and Tricks
The course covers a lot of techniques, tips and tricks that will allow you to significantly improve your performance, as well as an extra lesson on the advanced technique of Overblow.

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