Marcos Coll and Richard Ray Farrell visit HOHNER


Today the HOHNER employees heard a fantastic Blues performance. Marcos Coll and Richard Ray Farrell played during our second concert in the production hall this year.

Marcos Coll is born in Madrid in 1976 but soon moved to Santiago DC. He started playing Harmonica at the age of 13 influenced by his musician uncle and by spanish harplayer legend Ñaco Goñi.
Richard Ray Farrell is born in Niagara Falls, New York in 1956. He played together with the drummer from Frank Zappas, Jimmy Carl Black.

After playing with different amateur bands, like Red Bues Band Marcos formed his first pro band called Bluerags. In 1999 he moved back to Madrid to join the most famous Spanish blues band at that time “Tonky Blues Band”. With this band, at the age of 21 he had the opportunity of touring  and recording with rock and blues legends like Mick Taylor (Rolling stones) or Buddy Miles (Jimmy Hendrix Band of gipsys) and even did a blues gig with Tom Jones.