Konstantin Reinfeld at HMW 2014


It's hard to believe Konstantin Reinfeld has only been playing the harmonica for five years  -he acquired his first Hohner Blues Harp at the age of 13. As a member of the internet generation he soon began posting Youtube videos using playalongs and so approached Steve Baker, who quickly recognized his talent. He went on to take online lessons from other well known international players. His first public appearance in Club Voltaire during the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010 led Baker to offer him a scholarship to the Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen and bring him to the attention of the Hohner company. For the first time he’ll give a course at the HMW 2014:

“Masterworkshop 8
Friday 31.10.2014
Beyond The Blues”

“In this workshop we will be working on playing in different kinds of musical genres. Our key to that will be modal playing, which does not require the ability to play overblows. Even without bending there is a great deal to discover here, also in the upper register of the harmonica.”

The Harmonica Masters Workshops are taking place in Trossingen since 2003, initiated by musical director Steve Baker and organized by the Hohner Conservatory. World-class instructors like David Barrett, Joe Filisko, Eric Noden or Riedel Diegel and a full supporting program of sessions and concerts make the HMW a leading educational event for blues harmonica in Europe.