Julien Gonzales plays on MyMusic


The very talented artist from France plays on the MyMusic on 14.-16.11.2008 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. 

Julien "Speedy" Gonzales discovered his passion for the accordion at eight years age and began learning the accordion in 1998 in the town of Besancon. He took part already in official receptions and galas and in 2000 he attended a Frederic Deschamps training course.

Consequently Julien becomes a student of Frederic Deschamps who discovers behind coarse articulations, a real talent. Under the teaching of Frederic Deschamps, Julien "Speedy" Gonzales won many international contests - the Trophée Mondial Junior Variété (2003 - Italie) and Senior Variété (2005 - France) and the Coupe Mondiale Junior Virtuoso Entertainment category (2005 - Portugal) and the Senior Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category (2006 - Norway). In 2007 he finished second in Klingenthal Virtuoso Entertainment category.

"Speedy" Gonzales has worked closely with Jerome Richard, the most winning player in the world and also a former student of Frederic Deschamps. 

Not satisfied with all these rewards, he is currently preparing for the international contest of Ikaalinen (Finland) entertainment category. 

Speedy is also preparing for the 2007 Coupe Mondiale in Washington - USA and the CMA Trophee Mondiale in Samara - Russia in the serious music category.

Speedy acknowledges th assistance of the Company HOHNER and that he has been invited to perform in many parts of the world - England, Germany, Serbia, Fiji and New Zealand.

"Fred Deschamps gave me so much that is musical and human! ... and yet the study of accordion still has so much learning to do, particlarly in the traditional serious music repertire..... a large large thank you to him".