Inuit boy visits HOHNER


A Very special guest in Trossingen: The inuit boy Elija Annanack accompanied by his nurse Rosie Etok (also Inuit) and his teacher Carrie Powers visited Hohner.

Elija is multiply disabled, but despite his disabilities he taught himself how to play the button box accordion. "He has succeeded very well", his teacher commented.

"The 15 year old boy is crazy about Hohner Instruments" she continued. His dream was to one day visit the home of Hohner accordions to see how they are made as well as making a visit to the Museum of Harmonicas to learn more about the history of his passion.

After one year of collecting donations from the region where he resides in northern Quebec the dream of the deaf, mentally challenged and sight disabled boy became a reality.

It was a pleasure for the employees of Hohner to welcome Elija.

Accompanied by several Press and TV teams he his dream unfolded. During his factory tour Elijah's instrument, a Hohner Corso received a sensationally quick general overhaul by Hohners expert accordion serviceman Ralf Trischler. At the end his tour, Hohner product Manager for Guitars Wolfgang Winter presented him with a new Hohner guitar and taught him his first chord. Furthermore, Managing Director Klaus Stetter gave him and his escorts several Hohner t-shirts and other gifts to bring home with them.

Elija was very happy and deeply moved by the tour through the factory and said thank you to the employees then showing his talent he played a delightful tune on his newly overhauled accordion.