In Memoriam of Bob Herndon


In Memoriam of Bob Herndon

Bob Herndon 81, arguably the finest Jazz Harmonetta player ever, passed away this week.  A great supporter of Hohner and SPAH, Bob played with the likes of Al Fontana and Johnny Thompson, the Don Les Harmonicats with Mildred Mulcay, Johnny Puleo of “The Johnny Puleo Harmonica Gang and many others. Bob played the Harmonetta since 1956 and the Chord since 1953.

Bob will be greatly missed by his friends at HOHNER and by the entire SPAH community.

Read vol. 45 of Harmonica Happenings, featuring an article about the Harmonetta with Bob Herndon.

From an interview with Harmonica Happenings

"Original instrument was piano. Jim Lohman gave me one of his old harmonicas and since I knew music I picked it up quickly. We formed a trio with a friend and played from 1953 til 1958. I joined Al Fontana and Johnny Thompson and we formed The Harmonica Jazz Quartette with a drummer. We broke up in 1964. I went back with Jim in 64 until 1970 when I joined the Don Les Harmonicats with Mildred Mulcay. We broke up in 1980 and I did School assemblies for 4 years as a single. I quit show biz and got a job as an  HVAC Tech and retired in 1998. I have played Harmonetta since 1956 and Chord since 1953."

–Bob Herndon

Photos and info courtesy of SPAH.