Hooters Melodica for Harmonica Museum


Since more than 25 years they stand for Melodicas like hardly any other band – THE HOOTERS (name derived from a nickname of the Melodica). In the mid-1980ies they celebrated world hits like “Johnny B.”, “All you Zombies” or “Satellite”. In 2007 they made their furious comeback with the album “Time Stand Still”.
During their European Summer Tour 2008 they also visited Germany. This was a welcome occasion to meet our old friends und to present them a couple of Hohner instruments.

Singer and key-master Rob Hyman was especially pleased by a special Hooters-Melodica with Red-Blue Chameleon Finish. A second model in golden color was signed by all Hooters musicians.

The autographed Hooters-Melodica was presented to Mr. Martin Haeffner, director of the German Harmonica-Museum, at the big Melodica-Party in Trossingen. It will enrich the collection of exclusive instruments and can be visited at the exhibition.