HOHNER meets Motörhead


HOHNER Sales Manager Wilhelm Wlassow met Heavy Metal icons Motörhead at their concert in Stuttgart (Germany). Already since the 1970ies Motörhead are legendary for their rough, dirty sound between Hardrock, Metal and Punk. Their characteristic style had a huge impact on the development of many modern metal stlyes, from speed metal to black metal. They can be seen as one of the most influental bands in the history of hard music.

Motörhead-Frontman Lemmy Kilmister (E-Bass, Vocals) plays his HOHNER Marine Band Harmonicas for many decades. It can be heard e.g. on the great slow acoustic version of their classic "The Ace of Spades" or the song "Whorehouse Blues". Also guitarist Phil Campbell loves to play harmonica for many years.

Both were happy about a special Marine Band harmonica with Motörhead logo engraved in the cover plates and the new Thunderbird harmonica for the ultra-low keys. At the following gig Motörhead rocked the house. Special attraction was the new SONOR SQ2 drumkit of Mikkey Dee, that impresses with its fantastic Warpig-design.