HOHNER Instruments in the movie "Trapananda"


The movie "Trapananda" from Ignacio Aliaga Riquelme produced for Perro Alado Films describes the colonialization of the area Aysen (West Patagonia, Chile) and starts with the music and its originators.

This works shows the everyday life of the farmers in this area, the beauty of the countryside, the power and the hardness of the weather and the meaning of the music as cultural identity.



The documentary tries to be a road movie that follows a group of musicians who play a very local kind of music in what is called the Chilean Patagonia, a place that by the Spaniard conquistadors was called the Trapananda, the Paradise of sorts, where the Holy Grail could be found, and in a way Chile is the path that leads to that holy place…

Like everywhere in Latin America they play HOHNER accordions.