HOHNER Endorsee Susan Sauter with ISing Choir in USA


HOHNER endorsee Susan Sauter and the American ISing Choir got to know one another when the choir appeared in Trossingen in the course of their German tour in summer 2011. There the talented young chromonica player gave a short performance which the choir absolutely loved and so impressed choirmaster Stephen Galvan that he invited her to join them for a series of Christmas Concerts in the USA.

Susan Sauter is a member of the Hohnerklang Orchestra, where she started playing the harmonica in public at an early age. As well as numerous concert appearances, her greatest success was winning first

place in the open category at the World Harmonica Festival 2009 in Trossingen, which led to an invitation to appear at SPAH 2010 in Minneapolis USA.

Mr Galvan began thinking of ways to combine the sound of the chromatic harmonica with his choral music and in November 2011 Susan flew to Beaverton, Oregon to accompany the 70 piece choir for several concerts in the following two weeks.

Inspired by the German tour, the concert program "Winterfest - Door to Germany" consisted mainly of German Christmas songs in sophisticated arrangements for choir and chromatic harmonica. In the course of three fully booked concerts, the enthusiatic audience reactions enabled the collection of over $7000 in voluntary contributions, which was subsequently donated to charity.

The combination of classical chromonica and choir was a musical treat for all concerned and will hopefully be repeated in the not too distant future. How about Christmas 2012 in Germany?