HOHNER Around the World Service Tour 2012


Latest News and Updates at Harmonica Masters Workshops

Well, this time the HOHNER SERVICE TEAM doesn't have quite so far to travel. However, after »Hong Kong, Singapur, »Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, »Sydney, »Dallas and »Bristol, it's nice to have at least one date that's closer to home.
As well as
»HOHNER AFFILIATED CUSTOMIZER Joe Filisko, participants in the HARMONICA MASTERS WORKSHOPS 2012 will also have the opportunity to meet the true stars of the HOHNER HARMONICA FACTORY TROSSINGEN in person:



Daniela Lacci
Since many years part of the HOHNER SERVICE TEAM as the women with the fast fingers. Daniela has made more harmonicas than most of you will see during your lifetimes.

Ciro Lenti
Backbone of the worldwide Harmonica Parts Distribution at the HOHNER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, responsible for every harmonica spare part which we send out.
Ciro also answers countless phone calls and e-mails regarding harmonicas, harmonica parts and service enquiries.

As in previous years we will conduct free repairs during the event (standard: 1 pc per participant).
As far as possible we would like you to be present, so we can show you how it's done.

In addition, for the only time in the 2012/13 season, we will be presenting a series of »SERVICE WORKSHOPS live over three days during the Harmonica Masters.
These workshops will cover all topics of the »HARMONICA SERVICE WORKSHOP DVD, and provide a unique opportunity to learn from the experts.

We look forward meeting you!

Daniela, Ciro, Gabi und Michael.


Gabi Hand
Front-woman and the public face of the HOHNER SERVICE TEAM.
Gabi has been closely involved with running the production of chromatic harmonicas for over 2 decades and is Steve Baker's technical counterpart in the »HOHNER SERVICE WORKSHOP VIDEOS, which have meanwhile attained cult status.


Michael Timler
Mastermind and author, founder of the legendary Harponline Company, with a worldwide reputation on the harmonica scene as a technical expert and creative innovator.