HOHNER 'Around the World Service Tour 2012' in Bristol


Our latest stopover of the HOHNER WORLD SERVICE TOUR 2012/13 the BRISTOL HARMONICA FESTIVAL 26-28 OCT, 2012. This traditional annual event is organized by Britain's only national harmonica organisation, the National Harmonica League under its president, Mr. Roger Trobridge.

Many kind helpers including the great team of the Bristol Folk House and the 180 participants gave the event an amazing and charming athmosphere and the HOHNER SERVICE TEAM joined in at the booth of Sutherland Trading Co Ltd, where Steve Proctor presented the new instruments and the existing HOHNER HARMONICA portfolio.

Besides showing people how to do repairs such as gapping and exchanging windsavers, the HOHNER people performed two Service SHOWS on Saturday and Sunday of 1 1/2 hours each to place the news, that the player is part of the harmonica instrument and that doing repairs themselves means improving not only the performance of the harmonica, it means to make a better player as well.