HOHNER Accordion in Lithuanian casting show


The young Lithuanian Augustinas Rakauskas (just 17), student of Grazina Lukostene, Kaunas Accordion Association President and Professor at the "J. Gruodis" Conservatory in Kaunas is getting noticed once again on the famous show "2 Minutes of Glory" which is broadcast on Lithuanian National TV.

Augustinas has succeeded brilliantly starting the competition in January with a masterful interpretation of the arrangement of Vivaldi's Winter. He then performed last month the famous "Figaro" by Rossini and this catapulted him straight into the semi-final with a unanimous jury and public vote. 

Last Sunday, was a real coup with Augustinas interpreting the difficult French piece "La Tempête" by André Astier, coming 1st in the selection for the finals.

Audience votes of 4566, against 2600 for the candidate in second place was a landslide victory for the accordion and also for Augustinas. 

Augustinas is now preparing for the finals which will take place in May, with guidance by Frederic Deschamps, who has been helping the young artist with advice, technical, musical and stage craft using Skype (internet).