HOHNER Accordion App


Hohner introduces a revolutionary new application for the Apple iPad: The Hohner-GCF app. This intuitive three-row diatonic accordion does it all like your traditional accordion. Now you can practice chord combinations, scales, and songs anywhere and everywhere.
Play your favorite songs or practice scales on an airplane, at a restaurant, during your lunch break, at your office desk. Amplify your experience by plugging in a headset, use the external iPad speaker, computer speakers, or use your PA system and play with your band. See the notes displayed on the white pearloid buttons as you play, or simply turn this feature off. The buttons are large enough to play with ease.

This app is ideal for the beginning student or the professional player who needs a simple carry-on companion that compliments his or her actual accordion. No need to carry large accordions or heavy amplifiers while on the go. All you need is the Hohner-GCF app to continue playing music, it' that easy.

Go to the Apple store and download all key combinations: Hohner-FBE, Hohner-EAD, and Hohner-ADG. The Hohner-Mini is also available for the iPod.

  • Major scales for the GCF diatonic accordion - G, C, F, D, Bb
  • GCF is commonly used for Tex-Mex, Norteño, Zydeco, Cajun, and Vallenato
  • FBbEb is commonly used for Tex-Mex, Norteño, and Zydeco
  • EAD is commonly used for Tex-Mex, Norteño, and Zydeco,
  • ADG is commonly used for Tex-Mex, Norteño, Zydeco, and Vallenato

You can get them here!