Harmonikids Session At Phoenix Children's Hospital


On February 13, 2015 I provided a Hohner sponsored Harmonikids session to the Phoenix Children's Hospital's "Zone" facility bringing healing joy to over a dozen child patients, members of their families, and hospital staff. It was a fun and cheerful session starting with a concert in which I played and the children sang along. Afterwards all attendees were amazed at the speed and accuracy in which they learned to play four songs on their new Hohner-donated instruments. Although photography of all the kids smiling faces that day was not permitted in the facility for legal reasons, please see the happy “harmonica-hearts” (attached) that children displayed to show their love for their new-found talent at the end of the uplifting session on the day before Valentine's Day. Yep, that pretty much says it all!

Gary Allegretto
Founding Director of Harmonikids

Hello Mr. Allegretto,

Thank you again for visiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital today. The patients who were in attendance had a wonderful time. Their smiles lite the room when they played exactly how you instructed them and when they finished the song they had such a feeling of accomplishment. This was a wonderful addition to their day and was a great distraction (from their health issues).

Thank you,

Marcella Garay
Zone Program Director
Phoenix Children's Hospital

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Leanne Belfield, 24-03-15 21:37:
The Healing Power of Music!!!!
Upendra Laxmeshwar, 30-03-15 09:39:
I have 3 students who are patients of Asthma, since quite a few years. However, while learning to play the Harmonica, they also witnessed a remarkable improvement in their Asthmatic condition. Ease of breathing, far lesser attacks and much better lung performance were the apparent improvements, due to regulation in breathing, while learning to play music they loved, on the instrument they loved ! And, they are all Hohner fans !!
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