Harmonicas for your health


Toe Tapping Therapy to help you breath better

SPRINGFILED, MO. -  It's a new type of therapy that will get your toes tapping. Harmonica Therapy is now offered at the Wheeler Heart and Vascular Center to anyone with C-O-P-D, chronic lung conditions or patients with heart problems.

Experts say playing the harmonica helps break up phlegm in the lungs, and strengthen the breathing routine. More than 20 people participated in the first class. Archie Jones, who has emphysema, says it's his first time playing the harmonica. He says he can already feel the improvement.  " I have a lot of problems with mucus, congestion, coughing," says Jones.

This is going to do a lot of good in terms of clearing up a lot of that. I can even feel a little change already.

Tom Steward who has Cardiac issues says he has to do therapy anyway, it might as well be fun. " I never had any idea that playing harmonica could increase your breathing, " says Steward. " The exercise should help the breathing."

Harmonica Therapy is every Wednesday from 2 to 3:30 at the Wheeler Hear and Vascular center across from Cox South Hospital.

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