Germany and China moving ahead together


The Hohner-Trio, composed of Tobias Escher, Ralf Brendle and Li „Jazzboy“ Tian Long, took part in the „Deutschland-Chinapromenade“.The event took place in Shenyang in the region of Liaoning. The three guys are supported by Hohner company and the Hohner conservatory.

Tobias Escher and Ralf Brendle studied at Hohner conservatory, Trossingen. They met Li Tian Long in Chongqing on their first trip to China in May 2008. In November they acted for the first time as Hohner trio in Guangzhou in the third promenade.

Ralf Brendle on the accordion, the melodica and the blues harp, Tobias Escher on the accordion, the melodica and vocals, Li "Jazzboy" Tian Long on the harmonica and the trumpet produce a distinctive sound in Blues, Jazz and Folk.