Gary Allegretto's HOHNER Sponsored Harmonikids - Houston Texas


By Gary Allegretto
On April 29, 2014 a Hohner-sponsored Harmonikids session for the Asian American Family Services brought joy to dozens of Burmese refugee children in a low income housing project in Houston Texas. The session was organized with the assistance of Daren Hightower of The Children's Music Foundation. Many of the children present did not speak English - nor had they ever been exposed to any of the music. Further none of them had ever seen or heard a harmonica. Nevertheless, all of the children present giggled with excitement as I put on a harmonica concert for them followed by a lesson on Hohner-donated harmonicas.

Thrilled and eager to learn, they intently followed my method and swiftly learned to play the songs. All participants were amazed at the speed and accuracy in which they learned to play four songs they'd never heard, on new instruments they'd never seen before. The photos below and the program coordinator's comments illustrate that it was a successful and joyous event that the children will never forget.

Mr Allegretto,

Without a doubt, your Harmonica session last Saturday with AAFS Burmese refugee kids was a big hit and truly ignited the interest in music among many. I was impressed with your ease in working with the kids under circumstances that may not be optimal.  On behalf of our board, staff, volunteers and those we serve, a deep bow of thanks for your generosity in spirit and in deeds.

Kim Zeto
Director, Asian American Family Services, Houston, TX

Mr. Allegretto,

Thank you for providing the harmonicas and the lesson to my students. The students really enjoyed the lesson. They came to class the following week with their harmonicas preparing to learn new songs. Most of the students were ever exposed to different musical instruments due to their circumstances. I really appreciate what you did for them. Please come back anytime and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Jordyn Le
Program Associate, Asian American Family Services, Houston, TX

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