Gary Allegretto's Harmonica Session for Schoolchildren at the Skirball Cultural Center


"This morning (10/16/15) we welcomed over 400 third through fifth grade students for our school performance program. With Gary Allegretto on harmonica (I think he played about 20 different ones throughout the morning!)… the students got to experience American music and hear more about the history of its origins."

"Fun fact: do you know that the harmonica was the first musical instrument to be played in space?  Gary is an amazingly accomplished harmonica player and “wowed us with his stunts,” as one student put it. Another fun fact, if you plan to see the Pixar film "The Good Dinosaur" that comes out this Thanksgiving, look for the harmonica-playing dinosaur in a campfire scene—that’s Gary playing! In addition to the performance, one 4th grade class from George Washington Elementary in Burbank stayed after and had a harmonica workshop with Gary, where they each played on and got to keep a REAL Hohner harmonica (courtesy of Hohner, who sponsors Gary's programs)… imagine the sound of 30 kids all playing (four favorite songs successfully) at the same time!"

Susan Larson, Senior Educator, School & Performance Programs, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

"The experience was so memorable and enriching. I heard many students say, "This is the best field trip ever!" Not only were they exposed to music appreciation with the performance, but were able to get their hands on an instrument and learn how to play.  Their enthusiasm towards music will be forever life changing ...many of my students have not been provided the opportunity to attend a concert and play an instrument."

"This field trip will open the doors to a whole new world for them. I believe every child has talents that are just waiting to be tapped into. By providing this opportunity for my class, we may have inspired some students to pursue new avenues of learning. I appreciate you so much for being so kind, thoughtful, and generous with my class."  

Barbara Kim, 4th Grade teacher, George Washington Elementary, Los Angeles, CA

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