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Download your copy of Easy Reeding to find out what is going on at Hohner! In this issue you will learn all about our move to Nashville and what that means for you. We dispell all myths about changes to the Special 20, and announce our amazing new return policy for harmonicas!

In addition we talk with V. Scott Balcerek about his amazing documentary "Satan and Adam" of Hohner Artist Adam Gussow and his partner Mr. Satan, which was shot over an amazing 20 years! The Satan and Adam film needs all of our support to finalize production. Click here to see the mind blowing teaser trailer!

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Zhiying Zhou, 13-08-15 12:25:
download the summer 2015 issue of easy reeding
Bruce Wicker, 17-08-15 23:35:
What do you mean "Content"?
Hohner USA, 18-08-15 13:05:
Where does it say "content" Bruce?
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