Chris Thompson plays HOHNER Mundharmonika


Chris Thompson - Voice of Manfred Mann's Earthband - plays HOHNER harmonica

Chris Hamlet Thompson is a singer and guitarist from New Zealand known both for his work with the british Manfred Mann's Earth Band and for his solo accomplishments.

At the concert in Esslingen Managing Director Klaus Stetter gave a special customized model to the popular artist. Not only Chris Thompson, as well as the whole band started to play harmonica.

The concert was amazing: beside many new compositions, a lot of old world hits from Manfred Mann's Earthband like „Mighty Quinn", „Davies on the Road again", „California" and many more were played.

Highlight -not only for the harmonica fans - was a special Blues from Chris Thompson. This impressing concert was a big highlight at the opening of Kulturzentrums Dieselstrasse in Esslingen.

HOHNER wants to thank Musikjournal Goodtimes .