Ben Hewlett at HMW 2014


Life seems to have given him a mission - to play the harmonica, and encourage others to play the harmonica. Ben Hewlett is the UK's most respected harmonica teacher and most prolific author, as well as chairman of the National Harmonica League.
Ben is used to teaching all over the world at prestigious harmonica festivals and is delighted to offer his services to you. For the first time he’ll give a course at the HMW 2014:

Master-Workshop 4 -
Blues on the Chromatic Harmonica

“The workshop is mainly directed at diatonic harp players of any level who want to learn to play the chromatic in a blues style to add another dimension to their playing. This is mostly based on the easy and familiar third position as played on diatonic. We are going to learn how to play rhythms and chords effectively with great punch and timing in the 12 bar blues.”

The Harmonica Masters Workshops are taking place in Trossingen since 2003, initiated by musical director Steve Baker and organized by the Hohner Conservatory. World-class instructors like David Barrett, Joe Filisko, Eric Noden or Riedel Diegel and a full supporting program of sessions and concerts make the HMW a leading educational event for blues harmonica in Europe.