Around the World Service Tour 2012


Four countries are the target for the HOHNER AROUND THE WORLD SERVICE TOUR 2012 in order to introduce the HOHNER HARMONICA WORKSHOPS in the 2012 Harmonica Festival Season throughout the world: Malaysia holding the biggest event this year, the Asian Pacific Harmonica Festival 2012, Singapore, Australia and the US, attending SPAH Convention 2012 in Dallas.

PART 1: Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 08/03 – 06/2012
With the support of our local distributor, Passion Marketing, we could show the visitors of APHF how easy it is to maintain and repair defective harmonicas themselves. At same we could introduce our special toolkits, which enable to conduct almost every repair on our harmonicas as well as the unique spare part supply chain that is unique in the market.

Singapore was our second stopover. On Wednesday 08/10/2012 we met the Singaporian community in the HOHNER HARNMONICA SERVICE SHOW.

Our local distributor, Kurt Jacobs PTY LTD from Sydney had arranged a MASTERS OF THE HARMONICA concert & tutorial event, combining all Australian harmonica forces such as LAWRIE MINSON (Diatonic) and Christian Marsh (Chromatic/Diatonic), supported by great HOWARD LEVY and but not least the HOHNER SERVICE SHOWs. Starting in Melbourne at Wind & Brass on Friday, 10th of August 2012 the HOHNER SERVICE SHOW was such a big success, that we didn’t have any time to take pictures.

What we have are pics from the concert of the genius of the diatonic harmonica, Howard Levy, which performed the same evening in Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne: After stormy flyover to Sydney, Howard Levy joined the SYDNEY MASTERS OF HARMONICA Concerts on 11th of August.
Accompanied by Paul Burton Trio, after an intro held by famous Australian player Christian Marsh, the evening went into a firework of jazzy, bluesy arrangements combined with Howards well known artisitic musical adventures, leading the public into one standing ovation after another.