A unique opportunity to own one of Sonny Terry's original harmonicas


One of the best known and most beloved harmonica players ever, Sonny Terry was a devotee of the iconic HOHNER Marine Band 1896 model. Born Saunders Terrell in Greensboro, GA on October 24, 1911, he was only eight when he learned to play from his father. After separate accidents blinded both eyes, Sonny, at age 16, devoted all his time to the harmonica. In North Carolina he heard the country blues which inspired his trademark blend  of sounds imitating moving trains and barnyard animals, accented by falsetto whoops. His recording career spanned almost 5 decades, much of it with his long-time partner, singer/guitarist Brownie McGhee, and his unique style made him a household name among folk and blues lovers. Sonny passed away on March 11th 1986, but his musical legacy continues to outlast him.

Now harmonica lovers have the unique chance to own one of Sonny's original instruments.  The niece of his widow Emma, Sonny's legal successor Delores Boyd, has founded a cooperative venture with Blue Moon Harmonicas, Sonny Terry Estate LLC, to offer for sale a limited number of harmonicas from his extensive collection.

Not all of Sonny’s collection will be made available for purchase. Many of them have already been gifted to family and friends and others are earmarked for donation to various museums such as The Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis, Tennessee and the Deutsches Harmonika Museum in Trossingen, Germany.

Harmonicas will be offered individually in attractive framed shadowbox cases suitable for hanging on a wall or display on a desk or bookshelf. Pictures of each harmonica along with an accurate description of the physical condition and playability will be provided. Each buyer will receive a Certificate of Authenticity from Sonny Terry Estate LLC.

Anyone wishing to acquire one of these historic instruments should address enquiries to   https://www.bluemoonharmonicas.com/collections/sonny-terry-estate-llc.