A Lifetime Achievement


Sissi Jones’ contributions to the harmonica world cannot be measured

The harmonica world joins together in congratulating Anneliese "Sissi" Jones on being presented The Pete Pedersen Special Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica at their banquet Saturday night August 16th. Sissi was attending SPAH's annual convention representing the Hohner Company and performing harmonica repair seminars.

If you have ever sent your harmonica to Hohner, chances are Sissi Jones fixed it for you. Over the years she has serviced hundreds of thousands of instruments, instructed countless numbers of players on technique and worked with many great harmonica artists, including Larry Adler.

Her experience and insight as both a musician and a technician is an unparalleled treasure to the Hohner company, where she has been employed for over 30 years.

Sissi Jones’ contributions to the harmonica world cannot be measured. Extremely modest, she never grabs the spotlight, but is content letting others shine. She has found her true calling in service of others, and we are all better for it. Through her tireless efforts as a craftsman, teacher, performer and artist she has earned the respect of her fellow employees and the industry at large.