50th Anniversary Melodica


In the 1950’s HOHNER introduced the development of a new musical instrument. It was intended to fulfil the special demands of early musical education and to overcome the disadvantages of most common beginner’s instruments, especially the recorder.

In November 1958 a German language broschure presented this new creation for the first time – the Soprano Melodica with its original stump keys, which is still popular today. In 1959 the melodica was successfully introduced all over the world and soon established itself as one of the most popular beginner’s instruments.

Very soon professional musicians also discovered the charm of the melodica’s unique sound. This led to the release of the Piano Melodicas in 1961, which featured a piano keyboard to provide the greater playing comfort that musicians are accustomed to with pianos, accordions or organs.

More innovations followed, such as the Bass Melodica, the Cassotto Melodica, the Clarina and in 1967 the curious Electra Melodica, which “electrically” simulated various instruments and effects. In 1975 it was estimated that one million people played the melodica in Germany alone.

Today the melodica is experiencing a renaissance. No midi controller, sampler or software plug-in is needed to create effective, varied sounds. It requires no amplification, so you can take it with you and play anywhere. And it has a unique, natural sound which is held in high regard by traditional pop and jazz musicians as well as by young alternative and experimental artists. 50 years after its introduction, the melodica is still the ideal companion for beginners and professionals alike who cherish a full, natural sound, high efficiency and playing comfort, independency.