THE HOOTERS celebrate their 30th Stage Anniversary! What started at their very first concert on 04th July 1980 soon made big waves all around the globe. Megahits like „Johnny B.", „Satellite", „All you Zombies" or „Where do the Children go" had a huge impact on the sound of the 1980ies and are real evergreens nowadays.

At their anniversary tour the Hooters impressively demonstrate that they are still rocking like young gods. With many fresh, new songs and fresh re-arranged classics they are touring through Europe this summer.

Hohner music instruments have enriched the characteristic sound of the Hooters from the very beginning. Just think of the Melodica (from which the Hooters have derived their bandname) on hits like "And we danced", the accordion in "Karla with a K", the recorder at the beginning of "Johnny B." or the harmonica in the intro of "500 miles". For many years there's a special friendship between the Hooters and Hohner.

At the concert in Waiblingen Hohner managing director Klaus Stetter and guitar product manager Wolfgang Winter met Rob, Eric, John, Fran, David, their guest guitarist Tommy Williams and manager Debbi Collard to present them with a special trophy "30 years The Hooters" and exclusive engraved harmonicas. Big congratulations from the whole Hohner Team for this special celebration!

The Hooters will return to Europe in late June to continue their Anniversary Tour. Don't miss this great opportunity.