25th anniversary of King's Harmonica Quintet


25 years ago, the humble "King's Harmonica Quintet" was formed for the simple objective of maintaining an interest / hobby after campus (University). In 1/4 century, they astonished ourselves via foot-printing in 30+ cities of 20+ countries. Writing unforgettable histories and marking bitter, sour and sweet memories, they are doing all these for their beloved ... harmonica and music.

Today Rocky Lok and Johnny Kuan from King’s Harmonica Quintet are the most important and most famous HOHNER endorsers of Asia.

27th june 2012 marks exactly 25 years after their inaugural rehearsal. They are honored to have The Hong Kong Central Library hosting an Exhibition, titled "King's Harmonica Quintet, 25 Years in Retrospect".

There will be "panels" displaying the stories to share, the real "harmonicas" that they have been using, the "awards" that they received, the "original manuscripts" of music that composers wrote for them, the "official house programs" of concerts that they had held locally and overseas (That you can flip through), the "sheet music" that they play (That you can flip through) as well as the CD that they launched (That you can borrow to listen).

On June 27th 2012 at 9.30 am, the Exhibition venue is at "Arts Resource Center", 10/F, Hong Kong Central Library.

Time runs from 10am to 9pm (Wed 1pm to 9pm, Public Holiday10am to 7pm).

On June 16th 2012 - Sunday 2.30-4.30pm, there is a "Demonstration Talk" as moderated by Mr CHOW Fan-fu (Renowned music critic), Mr HUI Cheung-wai and Dr MUI Kwong-chiu.

There will be live playing music, sharing of stories as well as interactive chatting with the auditorium.