Hohner Bass 78

  • Hohner Bass 78

The Bass with the WOW-effect

As well as rhythmic accompaniment, every harmonica ensemble needs a suitable bass. With this 2-voice instrument each channel contains two reeds, tuned exactly one octave apart, giving an extremely fat sound. The lower of each pair of octave-tuned reeds is located on the inner rows of the instrument, ensuring that high and low ranges are equidistant from one another and thus enabling balanced microphoning. For the first time, the mouthpiece of the Bass 58 and Bass 78 models has been integrated into the body, making them remarkably airtight and ensuring matchless response and volume.




• Optimized channel openings ensure great response
  even at low volume.

• Mouthpiece integrated into comb construction
  for maximum airtightness and volume.

• Complete stability in all climate zones thanks to
  modern acrylic glass body.

• Entirely assembled with screws for easy maintenance.

• Bass 58: E1-E3 (1E-e)

• Bass 78: E1-C4 (1E-c‘)


item nameHohner Bass 78
Number of holes39
Reeds78 brass
Cover surfacechrome
Reed plates2,0 mm brass
Reed plate surfacebrass
Mouthpiece surfaceacrylic glass
Combacrylic glass, transparent, colorless
Length28 cm
Tuning chart
  F2   Gb2   Ab2   Bb2   B(H)2   Db3   Eb3   F3   Gb3   Ab3   Bb3   B(H)3   Db4   Eb4   F4   Gb4   Ab4   Bb4   B(H)4  
E2   F2   G2   A2   B(H)2   C3   D3   E3   F3   G3   A3   B(H)3   C4   D4   E4   F4   G4   A4   B(H)4   C5

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