A+ Good guitars make better players!

HOHNER’s HC and HW guitars are popular with guitar students and recommended by guitar teachers all over the world. For many kids, their first guitar is a HOHNER!

Although crowned with this success HOHNER holds steady in their aim to always provide the best not only in quality, but in affordability as well. But which details does HOHNER focus on?

We have established 10 quality categories regarding the craftsmanship of the HC and HW series and called it the A+ Advantage:

Hohner Gitarre Qualitätsmerkmale
  1. Neck block construction:

    A Horizontal grain in the direction of the neck block assures a smooth change in dimensions together with the neck and body in response to environmental humidity variations. This avoids so-called neck humps at the body-neck joint.

  2. Fret work and size:

    HOHNER pays especially attention to the correct fret work and size to improve the instrument’s intonation and to avoid any buzz.

  3. Consistent neck angle:

    We consistently improve and check the body-neck joint for optimized and consistent neck angles.
  4. Choice of tone woods:

    We are very critical about our tone woods and therefore have strict criteria for the selection. This is because a good sound comes from good wood.

  5. Finish:

    HOHNER takes care of a high quality finish with consistent color tones to ensure an exceptional appearance and feel.

  6. Sound transmission from fingerboard to neck and body:

    If you glue a fingerboard to the neck it is very important to create a strong wood-on-wood connection. This is a standard procedure on HOHNER guitars and delivers an optimal sound transmission from fingerboard through the neck to the body.

  7. Sound transmission from saddle to top:

    Here we also achieve the best results through an optimized gluing method.

  8. Rigid body glue joints:

    To ensure stability and playability for many, many years of playing we also focus on rigid glue joints all over the body.

  9. Optimized bracing pattern:

    Not only enhances the stability of the top but also has a main influence on the sound of the guitar.

  10. High quality strings:

    HOHNER guitars come with high quality strings direct out of the factory, one of several reasons that serve to produce a nice sound from the beginning.