Wiener Modell 114 C

  • Wiener Modell 114 C

Vienna Model 114C

Maybe this is the most intuitive form of music making: to pick up an instrument and simply start to play it. Where is which note? One learns this in short time by heart - with these instruments, one does not think about music, one simply plays it!

The exterior of these jewels is lovingly designed based on the roots of the diatonic accordion tradition. To achieve this, the traditional “goldbrand” process is used, a complicated technique by which the wood, under pressure and heat, is given the desired structure before final finishing. The single-row “114“, a 4-voice instrument with the striking, individually controllable register knobs, offers a greater musical potential, enjoy the pleasure of experiencing music in a completely instinctive way!


ModelWiener Modell 114 C
Colorgold brand
Reed plate qualitystandard
Number of buttons10
Button rows1
number of notes20
Number of registers4
Register implementationregister slide
Standard basses2
Standard bass voices2
Size (height x width)28 cm x 15 cm
weight1,6 kg