Corona II Classic

  • Corona II Classic

Corona II Classic

Hohner is pleased to announce the new upgraded Corona II Classic with a comfortable adjustable bass strap, noiseless fingerboard, and dynamic treble and bass mechanism action for a great tactile feel and response.

The Corona II Classic accordion is made with the professional in mind. It is ideal for the musician who demands great quality and the signature HOHNER sound. Using the workmanship of days past, each instrument is lovingly finished in great detail.

The wooden keyboard covered with celluloid in matching colour, gives the instrument a lavish appearance, and is its most striking detail.


ModelCorona II Classic
Reed plate qualitystandard
Number of buttons31
Button rows3
number of notes62
Tone colors1
Standard basses12
Standard bass voices5
Size (height x width)31 cm x 19 cm
weight4 kg
CaseGig Bag

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