Corona II Classic Steve Jordan

  • Corona II Classic Steve Jordan

Corona II Steve Jordan Signature

Esteban “Steve“ Jordan is known as the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion; the accordion wizard and lightning fingers among many other names. He was recently acknowledged as the best accordionist ever by many other serious players. More than any other accordionist, Jordan pushes the diatonic accordion to its limits, both musically and physically, playing traditional Tex-Mex, Rock, Jazz, Salsa, Zydeco and more.

When Steve performed at the 1988 Berlin Jazz Festival in Germany, HOHNER took notice of his incredible musical ability and his custom tuned HOHNER leading to the creation of the latest generation of the Signature line.


ModelCorona II Classic Steve Jordan
Reed plate qualitystandard
Number of buttons31
Button rows3
number of notes62
Tone colors1
Standard basses12
Size (height x width)31 cm x 19 cm
weight4 kg
StrapsErgoline straps
CaseGig Bag

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