Riviera III 96 Golden Special

  • Riviera III 96 Golden Special


Since the 1970s, the Riviera has been a popular button accordion, especially appreciated by advanced accordion students. As with the Atlantic, this model was reworked by the HOHNER Engineers using state of the art techniques.

The 3-reed Riviera is characterized by a pleasant sound and extreme responsiveness to the use of high-quality reeds.


ModelRiviera III 96 Golden Special
Reed plate qualityTipo A Mano
Button keyC-System
Number of buttons72
Button rows5
number of notes44
lowest noteE
highest noteBb
Tone colors5
Number of registers9
Standard basses96
Standard bass voices4
Standard bass registers4
Size (height x width)39,4 cm x 20,5 cm
weight8 kg
StrapsErgoline straps
CaseGig Bag