• Nova II 80A


NOVA has been designed for the smallest accordionists in compliance with all the features of the best HOHNER models: Elasticity of the keyboards, short key drop, and aesthetically pleasing with a rounded, compact shape. Leaving each player room for their own musical interpretation, our engineers developed a new button keyboard that meets the international ergonomic standards. For the player this means a faster response to the tones at the same time very balanced and pleasant feel.

The exciting look of the Nova is dominated by the grill, but it is much more than just a chic appearance. It characterizes the assertive, yet very sophisticated sound of the instruments. The precisely calculated holes allow the listener to enjoy a very balanced mix of low and high frequencies.


ModelNova II 80A
Reed plate qualitystandard
Button keyC-System
Number of buttons60
Button rows4
number of notes46
lowest noteC#
highest noteBb
Tone colors2
Number of registers1
Register implementationregister slide
Standard basses80
Bass configurationstepped
Standard bass voices4
Size (height x width)37 cm x 18,5 cm
weight6,8 kg
CaseGig Bag